Get the best and sustainable Disposable Plastic Bottles, Batter Water Plastic Bottle, Distilled Water Plastic Bottle and more at reasonable rates!


Get the best and sustainable Disposable Plastic Bottles, Batter Water Plastic Bottle, Distilled Water Plastic Bottle and more at reasonable rates!

About Us

Packaging is critical to the success of many businesses. Therefore, businesses and customers search for dependable units to obtain high-quality packaging materials. Life Leak Malik Industries Private Limited is one such Manufacturer and Supplier that clients can rely on for Plastic Bottles in various colours, sizes, forms, and patterns. Disposable Plastic Bottles, Plastic Water Bottle, Battery Water Bottle, Distilled Water Plastic Bottles, Batter Water Plastic Bottles, and other items are manufactured using virgin grade plastic and cutting-edge technology. Each bottle we offer is defect-free and renowned for its excellent finishing, appealing appearance, and durability.

We focus on offering the highest product quality and undertaking research to provide uninterrupted service to our customers. We are cautious not to dump waste in the open when making given plastic bottles. Instead, we take various steps to ensure that raw materials are appropriately utilized and delivered to clients.

Our Team

In every task we do, we strive for perfection. Our skilled staff creates results that are flawless in every way. It boosts our self-assurance and capacity to efficiently handle even the most challenging business tasks. Our employees are self-motivated, knowledgeable, and proficient in their fields of expertise. They are quick learners and are always interested in learning about new trends and technical advancements in plastic bottle production. It puts us ahead of our competitors in the business world.

Why Should The Customers Choose Us?

  • We have a track record of satisfied clients with no complaints.
  • We never charge excessive charges for our products.
  • We can meet even large or urgent client requests in a short time.
  • We put a lot of effort into ensuring that each customer is satisfied and receives a high-quality product.

Our Facilities

We complete tasks with the aid of technology to provide better and faster outcomes than those completed by specialists who put in long hours. Technology is a benefit to mankind. Our company uses it to the fullest extent possible to improve our ability to serve clients with our Disposable Plastic Bottles, Batter Water Plastic Bottles, Distilled Water Plastic Bottles, and other items. We have machines, equipment, and tools that help us complete production, packing, quality gauging and other operations quickly and efficiently. Our machines are oiled regularly and updated with the newest technological advancements to ensure efficient operation in the workplace.

Our Market Prestige

We have a good market reputation as a source of inspiration for newcomers and a challenging competitor for various businesses. Our reputation also helps us succeed by attracting new clients who are willing to allow us to serve them.
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